Class Descriptions

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Ease into Yoga (60 mins) – New to the mat? Been a while? Join us for a gentle introduction to a practice that builds balance, strength, and flexibility. Learn to optimize basic poses for your body, and to use the breath to maintain focus and ease transitions from pose to pose.

YinYasa (60 mins) – This class pairs the gentle stretching and compression of Yin Yoga with the balance, flexibility, and strength-building benefits of Yang or Vinyasa Yoga. The first half of this class features fascial release work and Yin poses tailored to prepare muscle and connective tissue for the gentle flow that follows the second half of the class. This creative practice is designed to optimize each pose to the body you bring to the mat on any given day.

Flow and Restore (60 mins) – Build balance, strength, and flexibility with an easy-going, breath-paced flow, and then ease into yin and restorative postures to release tension and unwind. Leave feeling light and at ease. Great for all experience levels.

Mindful Flow and Meditation (75 mins) – Sharpen your focus and challenge your body with a creative flow that strengthens and stretches from head to toe. Practice concludes with a brief meditation to ground and refresh.

Stretch and Rejuvenate (60 mins) – Work out the kinks with some light movement before settling in for a juicy yin practice. Yin uses long-held, passive poses, supported by props, to gently compress or stretch connective tissue, improving circulation, mobility, and flexibility. Sink in, and treat yourself to some self-care!

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